Why now is the best time to sell your home

The early bird gets the worm. Works for Dan O’Toole who arrives at the office at 7am and for his sellers right now. There are a lot of buyers who have made a resolution to purchase a home in 2017 and they are currently in the market to purchase homes. However, there is just not a lot to choose from! We’ve held open houses on three consecutive weekends and at each open house we have had at least 20 buyers come through. Your standard open house in the busy season gets 5-6 groups to come through, so the number of buyers out there right now is strong!

The homes we have listed recently have been selling fast! We put a condo up for sale on a Saturday, had two offers by Sunday and it was under contract by Monday. Another home that was recently listed got 10 showings on the first day and was under contract that same day. Homes are selling in one or two days, simply because buyers don’t have a lot to choose from.

A few weeks back, we made phone calls to over 400 potential sellers in the Cincinnati Market and about 90% of those sellers said they were going to list their home, but not until the spring time. If all sellers have that same mentality, come late March, April and May, homes will flood the market and buyers will have more to choose from.

What does that mean to you as a seller? It’s going to be harder for you to sell as quickly as you want and harder for you to dictate the price you sell your home for.

So at TREO Realtors, we are urging you, if you are thinking about selling a home, contact us right away for a home evaluation. We take a very strategic approach to pricing and with our marketing, we are doing a lot of things that other real estate teams in the area can’t do. There is still time to beat the rush, so give us a call and let us help you reach your goals in 2017.

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