TMC#4 – 3 Tips to Maximize your Voting Experience & Advice for Winterizing Your Home

TMC#4 – 3 Tips to Maximize your Voting Experience & Advice for Winterizing Your Home

Above is a video I made giving my 3 BEST tips for making the most of your voting day since this nail-biter contest will likely bring out more voters than normal to the polls. But on a “real estate related” note, I also posted tips on preparing your home for winter. Check out both!

Indoor Winterizing Tasks

– Get your chimney cleaned and inspected Unless you are Jay Underwood from the 1986 Classic “The Boy Who Could Fly”, don’t risk your own safety climbing up on your roof and instead hire a professional.

– If your windows are not made of newer insulated glass, consider installing storm windows. – Those metal things on the outside of your windows that are a pain to pinch and lower/raise, those are storm windows. Definitely be sure you get them working. I am specifically talking to you Hyde Park.

– Get your furnace serviced and install a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats allow you to automatically create a heating/cooling schedule for your home. At night you can allow inside temperatures to drop down a bit, but warm things up just before the alarm clock goes off. Also, don’t wait for your furnace to hit a snag before you get it serviced or you will likely pay through your teeth for same day service or be forced to sit in the cold for 48 hours. Bonus Tip – heated blankets in your bed rock.

– If you vacation during the winter months, leave your heat on and set it to 55 degrees. This will help reduce the chance of interior pipes freezing. Don’t turn off your heat or you may come back from your cruise to another body of water inside your home.

Outdoor Winterizing Tasks

– Caulk around windows to prevent cold air from seeping in around cracks. If you are not sure your windows needed additional caulking, try the candle trick. On a windy day, light a candle and place it near your window with indoor cooling/heating systems turned off. If the flame flickers when a gust of wind picks up it is an indication air is seeping around your windows. This also works if you aren’t sure whether someone is dead or sleeping.

– Clean gutters. A clogged gutter can lead to a flooded basement when snow melts and the water has nowhere to run off. It can also result in water getting under your roof and into your ceilings. Two easier options – 1) Get gutter guards or 2) Cut down all surrounding trees.

– Drain garden hoses and turn off any outdoor water faucets. Remove nozzles or sprayers from the end of garden hoses and be sure to drain any water left in the line. I always forget this one!

– Add some antifreeze to the base of portable basketball goals filled with water. During winter months the water in the goal’s base can freeze and expand, cracking the base. Purchase a brand of antifreeze that is safe for kids and animals just in case. <– Bet you are surprised that they make “kid-safe” antifreeze, huh!

– Make sure you have a snow shovel, rock salt, sand and other tools for dealing with snow and ice on your property. Don’t be that guy that waits till the night before the storm when nothing is left to remove snow except a $700 snowblower and you actually buy it.
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