Virtual Showings the Future of Real Estate

  As many of you know, TREO Realtors is always trying to find new ways to make our clients homes stand out from the rest.  7 years ago it was with wide angle images. 3 years ago it was with interactive floorplans.  Now it’s with Virtual Showings!

     A Virtual Showing gives any interested buyer the ability to walk through your home using technology similar to Google Street View.  There are clickable arrows which will allow a person, from their computer, to walk through the entire home.  A buyer can get a perspective from any angle allowing the viewer to see the room in its entirety, instead of our normal panoramic photos only seeing it from one angle.

    At the moment, we are the first team of Cincinnati Real Estate Agents offering this type of marketing.  We have partnered with a local photographer who is helping to bring this technology to market.  Being an early adopter of this service comes with a high cost – but we feel it’s worth it for our clients to stand out.

    How will this technology help sell your home?  First off, TREO is a big believer in that the more transparent you make a home – the more likely you are to attract serious buyers only.  But although this technology will weed out some buyers and potentially result in fewer showings, you will receive the following benefits:

  • You’ll only show your house to VERY interested buyers

  • With fewer showings, comes less time spent cleaning on a daily basis

  • With fewer showings, it’s less money putting the dog in daycare

  • You’ll be inconvenienced less with short notice showings, evening showings and weekend showings

    We are currently working to build a website that will allow us to capture feedback from potential buyers who perform a “Virtual Showing”.  This will allow us to account for buyer concerns, whether it be price or condition, and better position your home to sell moving forward.

    Check out this example of a Virtual Showing for yourself and see the future of real estate marketing first hand!   2092 St Rt 132 in Lebanon


If you or someone you know might be interested in this service, give me a call at (513) 360-8736.


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