Should I Sell in the Winter? Most Definitely!

Why you Should sell in the Winter with Cincinnati Real Estate Agent, Brett Keppler!

Even though we are now at the time of year where things start to slow down, business is still crazy with  this Cincinnati Real Estate Agent. That is why I’m shooting this video while driving, but don’t worry, my eyes are on the road and both hands are on the wheel.  I want to address what is a pretty common question this time of year and that is, what do I do with my house?  It’s staring to get cold out, should I wait for Spring or should I list now?  So let’s talk about winter and what that means for your listing.  First of all, just because it is winter time, doesn’t mean that buyer’s go away completely.  We might be down about 30% in buyers, which means instead of having 100 buyers out there, we may have 70.  So there are still plenty of buyers out there and plenty of homes are still selling.  Don’t think the market is totally dead.


The second piece is that with the winter time, all the competition goes away!  Instead of competing with everyone and their brother’s home that are for sale during the summer months preparing for the start of school, now you are competing with the listings that have to sell.   Some of these listings may be left over from the summer months, but for most buyers the quality of homes that are available drops during the winter months.  So if you have a nice home and put it out there for sale, it is going to be like a breath of fresh air.

Third thing to know is, the buyers that are out there now are serious!  It’s not going to be one of those lookylou things because I have nothing better to do, so lets go through some properties.  No!  These buyers are trudging out in the snow on the roads when there like six hours of light, so every showing should be  much more valuable in terms of the quality of the buyer coming through.

Lastly, even though the biggest complaint that we get from sellers is that they don’t want people stomping through with snow on their boots, or kicking them out of their home when it is extremely inconvenient.  We offer some great tools at TREO, one of them is a virtual “showing”, where we will do a “google maps” style tour through your home.  So if a buyer goes to our site to view your listing, they can use a little arrow to walk through your home, look up, look down, left and right and see everything they can about your house, except for maybe the smell :).    We try to make each property as transparent as possible so buyers are not wasting your time.  If you are one of those on the fence about what should I do with my listing; should I sell now or wait till the Spring, these are some great reasons that you should go ahead and list now.  We would be happy to explore your situation further.  Thank you for viewing this edition of Coffee Time, and if I don’t see you before, have a great Holiday Season.

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