Sell Your Cincinnati Home Before Going on the Market!

Today I want to talk to you about our Pre-Listing Marketing Program. It is pretty controversial among agents, but I have found it to yield significant results for my clients. This is how it works;

Before we actually put your house on the market there is generally a period of time that you are preparing the home for sale. Rather than just be passive during that period, we are actually very pro-active in marketing your home.

We do a few things:

1. We put a sign in your yard with a “Coming Soon” rider so the traffic that goes by your home and your neighbors will know that your home is about to come on the market.
2. We market you in Zillow. This is largest site for buyer searches and buyer activity, so we want to reach buyers who may have an interest in your home.
3. We market to agents that are part of our network which is over 3500 as well as we identify some of the agents who are showing homes around yours that are similar to yours and reach out to them for an exclusive opportunity to see your house before we actually go on the market.

Now this does three things:

1. It reduces hassles significantly on your end. So while you are preparing the house, you may not have to go to the nth degree of getting the house perfect. If we can bring some buyers in whose expectations are already set that the home is still in preparation mode, they are not going to come in and judge you because there is some trim that is not painted or there is a little mess in one of the rooms in the basement. We want to make sure it is show ready, but not over the top ready which is the extent most sellers go to when they get their home up on the market.
2. It’s actually going to make you more money. In this case, buyers know they have an exclusive opportunity to buy your home before it actually goes on the market. What this does is, it will cause them to not screw around with the negotiations or give you a low ball offer . If they are going to submit an offer on your property, it is generally going to be very high and very good.
3. It’s going to eliminate all the stress that comes with selling know that you are actually selling your home before you even start the traditional marketing process. So instead of worrying about weeks or months of showings, we can actually get your home sold before you even list your house in the MLS on the first day.

If you are interested in our Pre-Listing Marketing Program, go ahead and reach out to us. It is definitely going to reap you benefits in this type of market, which is a seller’s market.
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