Pricing Your Home to Sell in the Cincinnati Market (Video)

Selling your home in Cincinnati is easier right now than it has been in the past several years!  But that doesn’t mean you can overprice your home.  This video explains the dangers of overpricing your home and how important it is to maximize the marketability of the home within the first few weeks of being listed for sale.  A few fun facts:

  • 42% of all homes listed in the Cincinnati MLS are overpriced and require a price reduction
  • If you price your home right – you’ll sell in an average of 32 days at an average of 96% of your asking price
  • if you overprice – it will take an average of 132 days and sell at an average of 88% of your original price

As a Cincinnati Real Estate Agent, I offer some of the best methods for accurately determining price and I would love to share them with you should you ever need my assistance.


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