Having Patience when Selling Your Cincinnati Home!

Today, Brett  talks to you about “patience”!  Not the kind that doctors operate on , but that thing you are taught as a little kid – to sit still,  be quiet and have patience.

Right now in the housing market it is entirely a seller’s market and houses are selling super quick, but there are a lot of sellers out there that are not experiencing the same outcome and they are wondering; why am I hearing about low inventory and why I am hearing about homes selling in a matter of days and it has been a month or two since my house was listed.

Now the important thing if you are a great agent, is to not feel pressured by your client to give them a response that will result in selling the house as fast as possible.  If you work with a good agent, they are going to give you recommendation and tips to sell your house for the most money and sometimes that comes with invoking patience into the transaction.

We have had situations where we have had 20 showings over a month and a half and the easy thing to say would be obviously we might need to lower the price because plenty of people are coming in.  But sometimes the comps will tell you a different story.    They will tell you that we need to wait for the right buyer and we need to give it a little bit more time.

Getting constant rejections from buyers who come through and say it is not the right fit, doesn’t mean that it is overpriced, it just means we have to have patience and wait for the right buyer.    So if you are looking to sell, trust your home with me and I will make sure we get you the most money possible.


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