New Years Resolutions – Cincinnati Top Agent can Help!

If your resolution is to lose weight, eat healthier, get a better job or something like that, we can’t help you there, HOWEVER,if your resolution is to find a new home or sell your home, we can definitely help you there!
So I’m going to give you FIVE easy steps to insure that in 2017 you accomplish your resolution of either buying or selling a home.
  1. Talk to a mortgage lender.  Find out if you can be approved for a mortgage.  If you can, GREAT, move forward to step 2!  If not, there might be a few things you can clean up and now is the time to fix those credit issues or save some money for a down payment.  In 4-6 months you may be in a position where you can obtain a loan and go out and buy a house.  If you need assistance in finding a reputable lender, contact us and we can give you some names.
  2.  Meet with an agent.  They will explain the entire home buying process, answer any questions you may have and give you the insight you need to start that home buying process.
  3. Figure out timing.  If you have a lease, when does it expire and how much notice do you have to give?  Are there schools you have to take into account?  Think about whatever is holding you back from purchasing now and plan on when you will be available – that which makes the most sense for YOU to buy your next home.
  4. Start searching online.  Agents can set you up with an awesome portal that will email you listings or you can go to sites like, or and you can set up your own custom searches where the email you daily matching properties.
  5. Spend time in your choice neighborhoods.  You can take a totally beautiful house and it may look great online and look perfect with everything you want, however, until you actually spend time in that neighborhood and get familiar with all the amenities of that neighborhood, it may not be the best fit.



  1. Meet with an agent to find out if it make sense to sell.  We can give you a quick overview of how much your home is worth identify if whether or not it makes sense and you are going to get enough out of to where you can put that into a down payment into your next property
  2. Prepare for listing now.  If it makes sense to sell, start staging your home and making repairs now so you are not stressed out come time when you want to list it.  De-clutter, clean out closets and get rid of the stuff you do not need.
  3. Talk to a mortgage lender.  Find out what the rates are now and what you could be approved and what price range you should be looking in.  You don’t want to sell your house and find out you have screwed up your credit and have no where to go.
  4. Have a backup plan.   So many people put their house on the market and it goes under contract in one day and they don’t know what to do.  They panic and feel obligated to buy a house really quick.  We don’t want you to rush into a decision to buy a house because you don’t want to move twice.  Have a back up plan, whether it is some sort of short term rental if necessary, moving in with parents, and get some storage pods.
  5. Shop for new home.  This is the fun part.  As soon as you start looking a new homes, you start to get annoyed at your old home!  This is suppose to be a fun process, a glorified shopping experience. Make sure when you are ready to sell that you are going to be able to find a home that is a better option for you and you are going to be happy that you went through all of the stress! Of course, we look forward to helping you in 2017 and wish you all the best in knocking out those new year resolutions!

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