About Lori Shepherd

With over 25 years in sales and customer service, Lori has risen above the challenges that many Realtors find difficult when handling the pressing issues in a real estate transaction.  She has been selling real estate for seven years in the greater Cincinnati market while working at the crack of dawn each morning for Fed Ex.  Being a Fed Ex driver for the past 18 years, has given Lori a huge knowledge of the area.  She is one of few agents who doesn’t need a GPS!  Give Lori the cross roads and she is on her way!   Many of her clients never know she is working two jobs because she has a knack for taking it all in stride and keeping her focus on the task at hand.   The Fed Ex motto, “ We Strive to Be On Time”, is ingrained into Lori’s work ethic and she places her client’s needs as a high priority.  When Lori’s phone rings, she answers it!  If she is already speaking with someone, she will call you back in moments.   This is a rare find!

Lori has three grown children that are the light of her life.  Two currently reside in Keystone, Colorado and one is still in the Cincinnati area.   She is lucky to enjoy many vacations in the Rocky Mountains with her family.  No sooner is she home from one vacation visiting them, she is planning her next visit.   As with any loving parent, she was sad when they ventured out into the world on their own, but she couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishments.   Now Lori has time to really focus on her business in real estate and her success has proven that this was a great career choice for her.

Lori’s, “never say never”  attitude stems from her belief that, life is exactly what you make of it.  When she got into Real Estate, she wasn’t sure how it would go, but she knew she would be giving it her all.  Today she is admired by her peers in the business and is well on her way to being one of the top agents in Cincinnati.   She attributes her success to remaining true to herself and everyone she does business with.  It warms her heart to assist people in purchasing their dream homes.   Lori jokes that her  personal motto is, “I’m going to wrap my arms around you, and love you all the way through the transaction”, but she does that in words and deed every day.  Lori puts all of her clients at ease and lets them know, there are no “stupid questions”, she understands this is a huge deal to most buyers and she does everything in her power to guide and educate every step of the way.

At the end of the day, Lori continually adds her clients to her friends list,  happy with the value they add to her personal life and not ever thinking or realizing the value it adds to her business.   She is continually recommended by her “friends” and that speaks volumes.





Lori Shepherd

Realtor - Buyer/Seller Specialist