How the Chaos of Motherhood Has Made Me A Better Real Estate Agent

It’s 6:30 PM on a Tuesday night and I just walked in the door with my 15th month old JJ, who had a blow out in the car seat. He is in meltdown mode; crying, hungry and little does he know I haven’t ate since this morning when I grabbed a granola bar on the way out the door to the baby sitter. Patiently, I clean him up and then check to see who called me 4 times in a row on my cell. Just when I thought my day was winding down, I listen to a message from a client who says the house of their dreams has just come on the market. I know they need to see it tonight if they want a shot at actually getting it under contract. My partner, Jay, is already working late tonight so I know he can’t help me out. Now what?

My mind is racing at dizzying speed. I need to find a sitter, feed JJ, set the appointment, get paperwork together, print an MLS sheet, grab an apple (aka dinner) and get back out the door in less than an hour. On top of all this, I’m pregnant and the baby inside me is every bit as demanding as the one on the outside. Deep breaths….

I love my career in real estate, but it isn’t always as convenient as one might think. However, when duty calls I understand my responsibilities to my client. Being a Mom hasn’t stopped me from providing excellent customer service to my clients and it’s not going to stop today.

I call every baby sitter in my phone book and of course, no one can help on such short notice. Looking at my son who is still hungry, I playfully ask him if he wants to play “Realtor” with me tonight (not that he understands what I am saying to him, but I try to remain upbeat with him in the face of “dinner has to wait”)! I give him some snacks and call my client back to let them know I will show the house tonight but I have to bring my son along. They obviously don’t mind because they really want this home.

So here I am, 6 months pregnant carrying a 15 month old with me to show a home in the dark should should hopefully last no more than 30 minutes. Until I get another call, on the way to the appointment from my clients who decide they had 2 more houses they “had” to see.

Still cranky in the back seat, I know that dinner can’t wait that long. So, tonight’s dinner menu becomes Wendy’s chicken nuggets, apple slices, and milk for JJ plus a large salad for me. With 20 minutes to spare before i meet my clients, JJ and I position ourselves in the backseat in Wendy’s parking lot and proceed to have a modern day picnic. This has to be our quality time tonight. Making memories while getting the job done. #loveit

Fast forward to the end of the night, after touring three homes including 12 flights of stairs over 90 minutes with a 25 lb wiggly toddler in tow, I sigh with relief when my clients announce they loved house #1. This was not only great news for my business but my body benefited from an extreme workout throughout the night.

I now need to carve out another hour this evening to draft an offer to purchase the home. My office is 35 minutes away from the house and my own home is only about 10 minutes away, so we agree to meet at my house. Immediately I regret the invite as images of JJ’s recent destruction of my living room flash into my head. In an attempt to buy myself 10 minutes of time before my clients walk in my home, I encourage them to drive around the neighborhood and become better acquainted with it (brilliant move!).

20 minutes later, my clients show up and say “Wow your home is so beautiful and clean!” as I smile and nod trying to hold back my panting.

By 9:00 pm, I have the offer assembled, signed and delivered. It’s way past JJ’s bedtime, but I have to admit, he did a great job holding their attention while I processed the paperwork.

As soon as I closed the door behind them, I took off my Realtor hat and put the housewife/mom hat on. High heels are exchanged for cuddly pajamas! Kisses and a book for JJ and he is off to dreamland. I want to just crash on the couch but my housewife duties are on call.

Finally after a load of laundry, prepping JJ’s food for tomorrow, paying a couple bills and vacuuming, I say to myself out loud, I’m DONE! At 10:30pm I find my long awaited place on the couch just before Jay walks in the front door, looks around with a grin and asks “what’s for dinner?”.

Finding Calm in Chaos
No one can say that being a mom, housewife and Realtor would be easy. In fact, it can be downright exhausting at times. But I love being all three so I am making it happen. My life is a juggling act and there are days when I feel I should be awarded a master’s degree in multi-tasking because that is my secret to making this all work.

But my life is also what makes me an awesome Realtor. A night like tonight isn’t rare, it happens all the time. And whether I’m balancing the needs of the home, the needs of my child or the needs of my business, I find a way to get it all done and keep everyone happy.

Since I started my career in real estate, I’ve seen why certain agents are more successful than others – their work ethic, organization and customer service has to be top notch. Whereas some people may be overwhelmed by juggling a home, a kid and a career, I thrive!

Just like I anticipate JJ getting too close to an open stairway, I can anticipate when a lender is not being as proactive and address the situation before a disaster occurs.

Just like I can do laundry, cook and clean simultaneously at home, I can schedule appointments, prepare offers and email comps within record time.

The skills I’ve developed in my chaotic life are actually what make me a great Realtor. And even though there are times when I think I’m nuts for taking everything on, I wouldn’t change a thing! (Except maybe less laundry.)

Angie Haering is a Full Time Realtor with TREO Realtors specializing in Buyers, Sellers and Investment Properties. You can email Angie at
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