Cincinnati, the City of Seven Hills – Part II

Cincinnati, the City of Seven Hills – Part II

Row Houses in Mount Auburn

By: Julie Kelly

For second part of my series on the original “seven hills” of Cincinnati, I chose to feature Mount Auburn.

Growing up outside of Cincinnati in a little country town, I always got excited when we traveled downtown. It didn’t matter if we were going to the doctor or just passing through to go to the Cincinnati Zoo, I particularly loved driving through Mount Auburn just to look at all the magnificent architecture and feel the history that fills the air.

It is an area rich in architectural history. The most notable styles of homes in the neighborhood include; Federal, Greek Revival, Victorian and Georgian Revival.

Charles Dickens was quoted as saying,  “I was quite charmed with the appearance of the town, and its adjoining suburb of Mount Auburn: from which the city, lying in an amphitheatre of hills, forms a picture of remarkable beauty, and is seen to great advantage.”

Mount Auburn was platted as a town in 1837. It became a place for wealthier families to build their homes to get away from the city heat, dirt and crowded conditions. In 1973 it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.
President William Howard Taft was born and lived much of his younger years in Mount Auburn. He went to Woodward High School and later went to Yale and then came back to Cincinnati to attend law school. He worked for a local paper while in school and worked as a Hamilton County Prosecutor when he graduated.  He eventually found his place in politics and became the 27th President of the United States. His childhood home, located at 2038 Auburn Avenue still stands and is a museum, open to the public.

Taft House

Mt. Auburn today has a population of approximately 6,400 people. Many of whom are between the ages of 18-30. A lot of the larger homes that were originally built for single families have been divided into apartments or office spaces. With its close proximity to the University of Cincinnati and Xavier University, there is a large student population in Mount Auburn.

Well, I’m not a kid anymore, but Mount Auburn is still one of my favorite neighborhoods to drive through in Cincinnati. Whenever we are out for a Sunday drive, we often end up driving through the historically rich streets admiring the old houses and wondering what the lives of the people who lived there were like…

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