Cincinnati, the City of Seven Hills – Part 5

Cincinnati, the City of Seven Hills – Part 5

By: Julie Kelly

Writing about the seven “original” hills of Cincinnati has turned out to be a lot of fun. I lovemy crazy city of lumpy hills, great architecture and rich history. One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is to herd my husband into the car, get a coffee from UDF and drive around the different neighborhoods. It’s inexpensive and there is so much to see, you won’t be disappointed!

Part five of my series is on the community of Fairview. If you asked most people in Cincinnati for directions to an address in Fairview, they would probably refer to the area just west of the University of Cincinnati, south of Martin Luther King Drive, North of Central Parkway and east of Interstate 75 as either Clifton or possibly even Over-the Rhine. But it is in fact Fairview.

Fairview is an older, struggling neighborhood. Like most of the other “hills” I’vecovered it has fantastic architecture and a lot of history. You can drive down the streets and see lots of Victorian, Greek Revival, and Gothic architecture.  Back in the day, The Fairview Incline ran up and down Freeman street and connected the east and west sides of the city. It was the shortest of the cities inclines covering only 633-700 feet. It operated between 1892 and the mid 1920’s. 

Due to the fact that Fairview is in such close proximity to several area colleges, it includes a high percentage of rental property. One person I spoke to about Fairview commented that it’s a hard neighborhood to define because every other house is well maintained but there are a lot of run down houses that are not being maintained.

One of Fairview’s bright spots is that it has one of the few Cincinnati Public Schools that has earned the state’s highest ratings. The Fairview-Clifton German Language School has been recognized for its high standards of learning for many years. The school started in 1888 and has built a reputation as one of the best schools in the city. Many of its sixth grade graduates go on to attend Walnut Hills High School, another highly acclaimed Cincinnati school.

Fairview has its challenges like most of Cincinnati’s city neighborhoods but investors looking for a good value to enhance their portfolios might want to consider properties in Fairview.
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