About Brittany Howard

Licensed since 2013, Brittany has taken the real estate industry by storm!  You will quickly gain a sense from Brittany that this is not just another pretty face.  She has taken the time early on in her career to fully capture the needs of both buyers and sellers in a real estate transaction.  Her knowledge is impressive.


She married Zack Howard in the summer of 2015 and recently bought her own first home.  Read her blogs and experience what she learned on the other side of the transaction as a first time buyer!


Real estate is a never ending learning experience but Brittany is right on target with staying on top of the trends.  While she has worked with many buyers and sellers, she also mastered TREO Realtors foreclosure programs.


Whether buying or selling, choosing Brittany as your agent, will leave you in very competent hands.





Brittany Howard


Realtor - Buyer/Seller Specialist