Are You Ready For Fall?

With the Fall just around the corner, we all know just what that means. Lots of leaves and lots of grooming.  I found the above video for the person who hates to rake leaves and I think I have a pretty large audience for that one! If you have any tips on how to clean up your yard easily in the fall, I would love to hear from you & share them on our Team TREO Facebook page!


Did you know that the Fall is also actually the perfect time of year to start preparing your lawn for the seasons to come as well?  Here are some tips for preparing your yard now for a great lawn in 2015.

While you may not see it, fall is the time when lawns use their energy to expand their root systems. There may not be much growth going on above the soil, but underneath roots are developing and spreading.

Fall is also the perfect time to start a new lawn, because soil is still warm, fostering germination, but the air is cool, so you don’t need to water as much.

Now is the time to get out and replace or repair our existing lawns so that they are prepped for Winter, and will return full force next Spring. Follow the tips below to help you get the most out of your lawn next year!

Get rid of weeds

Getting rid of weeds in the Fall will give you a fresh start in the Spring. It might seem like tedious work, but weeding the lawn now will be much easier than waiting until next summer when weeds have had the opportunity to flourish.

Fertilize if needed

Fertilizing your lawn in the fall is an important step toward keeping a beautiful, healthy lawn. Lawns often suffer from summer stressors like disease, drought, and heat. Fertilizer can help to revitalize your lawn, feeding roots from the time they go dormant, until Spring. Aside from feeding the roots all winter long, fall fertilizing also helps to prepare your turf for the long, cold winter ahead. A slow-release nitrogen fertilizer will help to give you the best results next Spring!

Amend Your Soil

Maybe your lawn just won’t give you the results you’re looking for, no matter what you try. Or, maybe you know your soil is lacking in something. Either way, the problem is in the soil, and Fall is the perfect time to renew your soil and have it ready for Spring. Whether it’s loosening the soil with Gypsum, or changing the soil pH with Lime, put your soil amendments down, and your soil will be ready to produce come Spring!

Check your soil pH

If you’ve been having problems with weeds and moss in your turf, it could be an issue of soil pH. Soil naturally becomes acidic over time, and weeds and moss thrive in acidic soil. Not only will getting your soil back to neutral create an environment that isn’t friendly to weeds, but it will also release nutrients in the soil that were previously “locked up.” Be sure to do a soil pH test first so you know what you need!  This is not a difficult or expensive task as one might think.  I have found soil testing kits under $5.00!  It is simply a matter of digging a hole, putting distilled water into it to mud it up and put the tester in for about 60 seconds.    Of course, be mindful that a ph scale runs 0-14 and a good lawn base ph should be around 7.   There is a lot of information on the web on how to balance your ph level depending on whether it is above or below the 7.  Also check out find out what the correct ph level should be for your flowers and vegetables.

Upgrade your home… perhaps

Wouldn’t yard work be a lot more fun if you were maintaining a house you love?  Whether you’re in a condo and miss out on the joys of keeping a garden, creating curb appeal or simply have too much yard to maintain, TREO is happy to help.  TREO is home to the top Cincinnati Real Estate Agent Team in the city and we will make sure to not only help you find the perfect home, but also the perfect yard.  We look forward to working together soon!

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