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As a Cincinnati Real Estate Agent, I’ll be the first to admit,  I am a “do-it-yourselfer”.   I have been that way since I was born, it’s just a part of my personality.   I’m also a penny-pincher. Hey, I’m just being honest!   That I get from my father.   So have I always gone to a professional to get things done?  Heck no!  Why?   Because professionals cost money.   There are just things that I have figured out how to do on my own to save money  and sometimes it didn’t work out so well for me.

Let’s talk about when I decided it would be a good idea to cut my own hair.   Yeah, that’s right I didn’t want to shell out 40 bucks every 2 months for a trim. (I told you I’m a penny-pincher)  Not to mention I just hated getting my hair cut because it made me anxious!   I never knew what I was going to end up with.  This was my fault since sometimes I would wait half a year or more before going to get it done which means the person I used the time before was not working at the same place any more.   You guys, I’m being embarrassingly honest with you right now.   But anyway, I’d watch the lady cut my hair and thought,” You know what? I can do this.” Sometimes that is a dangerous thought when it rolls through my head.  So I did.  I cut my own hair.  For a good 2 years I didn’t go to a salon, and my hair was terrible.   Oh, I didn’t know it at the time, though.  It wasn’t until I finally worked up the courage and loosened up my wallet and went to someone I knew would do a good job that I realized my hair was horrible before!!!  Why? Because I had NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING!

No one ever taught me how to cut hair; I didn’t know the ins and outs of it.  I was using my interpretation of what cutting hair looked like to me.   Sadly, it wasn’t a good interpretation!  I didn’t even have the right tools.  I commandeered a pair of hair cutting scissors from my mother that were probably at least half my age.  That’s all I had.  You know what I didn’t have?   Good hair.

So let’s shift this back to the world of real estate.   In my day to day I get the opportunity to speak with a lot of people.   It is not uncommon for me to hear a new buyer say, “Oh we’re not working with a Realtor, we’re just trying to do this on our own for now.” Or on the seller side, “We don’t want to work with a Realtor to sell our house and have to pay a commission.   We’re going to try to sell it ourselves first.  ” Hey, I get it, I do.   But let’s work through some of the objections  I had in getting my hair done and do some comparison.

It Cost Money to Use a Professional.   Getting your hair done does cost money.  But here’s a simple fact to totally obliterate this objection for a buyer.  Buyers will never pay a realtor, ever.   As for the seller, yes the commission comes out of the price of the sale.  But you only pay the Realtor when the home sells!   A Realtor will provide value in many ways for both buyer and seller.  You have someone who works in the business daily representing you who understands how the business works and knows how to get you the best deal.  Because we work for you!

It makes me anxious.   One reason I hated getting my hair cut is because it made me anxious. Setting an appointment with someone I didn’t know and going to sit down in their chair and trust them with my hair was not fun. The same is true when reaching out to a Realtor. It can really make people nervous reaching out to someone they don’t know and trusting them to help in the purchase of a huge investment.   So here’s my suggestion, reach out to a friend or family member and ask them to refer someone.   That’s what I did.   One of my friends loved her hair dresser and that’s who I ended up going too.   And now I love her too, she’s great!   I felt like I could trust her knowing one of my good friends (with good hair) trusted her as well.   One thing I have to stress is working with someone you like and trust is a big deal.   Especially when buying or selling a home.   If you meet a realtor and don’t really connect, reach out to someone else.   It will make the whole experience much better for you.

I can do this myself.   Look, I wouldn’t go to a brain surgeon for a heart transplant, and I doubt you would either.  You may be very intelligent, but you still may not know the best way to approach a real estate transaction.   Let me just tell you, if you watch HGTV and think you know how real estate works. You don’t!   It really doesn’t work that way. That’s the glamorized version of this business.   As a Realtor, being license just over 2 years, there are still things I am learning!   This business is so multifaceted that it takes years to really understand everything.   And just when you do get a good grip on it, it’ll change! So as a consumer, how can you expect to really be on the up and up in real estate and know how to best represent yourself in a transaction?   You can do your research and you can YouTube,  but you may still end up with bad hair, I mean, bad experience/outcome.   Also, give this some thought;   If you do it yourself you are relying on just yourself and your research.   If you work with a TREO agent, you know, just for example,  you’re getting that agent’s knowledge and expertise, that agent’s broker’s knowledge and expertise, that agent’s closing coordinator’s knowledge and expertise…you see where I’m going with this?  You have a whole team backing you here!

When it came down to it, I didn’t know what I was doing.   I didn’t have the right tools, and I was never trained or taught the right way to cut hair.  But this isn’t hair we are talking about.  It’s the purchase or sale of the most expensive investment you’ll most likely ever make.   That’s kind of a big deal!!! When it comes to real estate having a trusted advisor who has the right tools and works in the business daily and knows what they are doing will make a huge difference in your experience.   Having someone represent you gives you a better chance of getting the best deal, having a smooth transaction, and getting you in or out of your home in optimal time!   So, if you now realize that you need professional guidance, reach out to us here at TREO and we’ll make sure you get the most out of your real estate transaction!

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