LendingTree recently conducted a study to determine which state was the most affordable in terms of average monthly mortgage payment as well as investigating what percentage of monthly income goes towards that payment. Washington DC and Hawaii were the most expensive states with average payments of $1641 and $1536. DC homeowners put 31% of their income towards those payments while Hawaii paid 30% of their income to live on the beautiful island (which I completely understand). Ohio was the 10th most affordable state with an average of $791/mo mortgage payment. Kentucky ranked 9th with an average payment of $788/mo. But the average mortgage in Ohio only made up 21% of an owner's income whereas the average Kentucky mortgages made up 23%.

Above is a video I made giving my 3 BEST tips for making the most of your voting day since this nail-biter contest will likely bring out more voters than normal to the polls. But on a "real estate related" note, I also posted tips on preparing your home for winter. Check out both!

Indoor Winterizing Tasks

- Get your chimney cleaned and inspected Unless you are Jay Underwood from the 1986 Classic "The Boy Who Could Fly", don't risk your own safety climbing up on your roof and instead hire a professional. - If your windows are not made of newer insulated glass, consider installing storm windows. - Those metal things on the outside of your windows that are a pain to pinch and lower/raise, those are storm windows. Definitely be sure you get them working. I am specifically talking to you Hyde Park.

This video explains everything that goes into making the decision to refinance your home as well as where and how to get the best rate and terms available. Find out how to determine how long you must live in your home for the refinance to make financial sense! Learn which company in Cincinnati will refinance your home for $199...

The secret information traditionally only found in the Multiple Listing Service about properties is slowing leaking its way out into the public through an assortment of different websites. As technology evolves, so has transparency and MLSs all across the country are battling to keep this information private. As a buyer in Cincinnati, the moment a property of interest...

Welcome to my first edition of Tuesday Morning Coffee - where I provide a real estate update via my blog and e-newsletter to all of those friends I have met over the past several years.  I am thrilled to be reconnecting in this new way and hope to continue bringing relevant real estate news to you for years to come. In...

Is it better to buy a home or rent? An analysis released today by real estate information provider Zillow.com finds that in most of the U.S., buying becomes a better deal than renting after only three years of residence.

In many metro areas, the advantage comes much sooner.

In Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Tampa, for example, owning beats renting after 1.6 years, the study finds. Zillow determined the breakeven horizon—the point at which owning becomes more financially advantageous than renting the same home--for more than 200 metro areas and 7,500 cities around the U.S.

Unlike a simple purchase price-to-rent ratio, the breakeven horizon takes into account such other data as taxes, tax deductions, down payments, utilities, appreciation, maintenance, opportunity costs, and fluctuations in the rental market.

"People traditionally have looked at the price-to-rent ratio," Zillow senior economist Svenja Gudell tells ABC News. "But that's not comparing apples and apples. Our calculation takes into account all costs, plus tax deductions and inflation. It would be very hard for the average consumer to crunch these numbers."