5 Tips on How to Avoid a Bad Agent!

 By:  Micah Maupin

With so many agents out there, it’s sometimes hard to tell which ones are good and which ones just plain “suck”! Below are a handful of suggestions to help you choose wisely, when looking for a Realtor to represent you!

1: Communication: Communication is the number one complaint most buyers and sellers mention when dealing with real estate agents. If they are hard to get a hold of before noon and when you do get a hold of them they say something like, “oh I’m looking into it right now I’ll get back with you soon”! That is code for I didn’t do S%#&, I forgot, or I’m going to do it now because you reminded me. Get an agent that follows up at the very least, biweekly on your listing and weekly if you are under contract.

2: Go Getter!. There are lots of people out there who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. If you notice that their get up and go, has already got up and went and it didn’t impress you, go with your gut feeling, it’s usually right. However, don’t let a fancy presentation or the highest price determine who to list with. Finding someone who you are compatible with is as important as making sure they are professional in the way the handle your business.

3: Experience: Having an experienced agent is something that people should strive for. However, every sale has its own unique set of circumstances, which gives a Realtor an opportunity to learn something new, no matter how many years they have been in the business. Beware of the agent who has turned their bad experiences into a negative way of dealing with new situations. A great agent will meet those challenges head on and with a positive attitude.

4: Service Guaranteed: Get an agent that will allow you to fire them! When signing a listing or exclusive buyer contract, make sure there is a loophole allowing you to cancel the contract if you are not satisfied with their performance. Be weary of the agent who wants you to sign for six months and offers no guarantees. An agent who is confident in their ability to perform will usually allow this. If not, be prepared for a bumpy road a head!

5: Team Spirit! A jack of all trades is usually a master of none. Did you know that it takes 4 personality types to be a Great Realtor? Unfortunately most of us only have one prevalent personality. Relying on a team who can compensate for the other three is to your benefit in making sure you have the best of the best working on each area of your transaction.

At TREO Realtors we take the no nonsense approach when listing your home. We will show you the data and explain how we have reached conclusions in pricing your home. Our best practices are followed by each team member to insure your transaction is a great experience.

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Not all agents are created equal. 20% of the agents usually get 80% of the listings.
Find the right one for YOU!
YOLO: You Only List Once.

Micah Maupin
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