5 Things That Nearly Every Foreclosure Home Features!




K. Micah Maupin, your TREO Cincinnati agent, speaks about the minimal FIVE things you can expect when you see a foreclosure.  A little humor goes a long way when visiting some of these homes!  Here is the list of what you can expect:

1.  Carpet will leave something to be desired;
2.  Nasty walls; whether we are talking hand prints to grafetti, you can count on the walls being a statement from the previous owner that perhaps they didn’t care or the color can be something difficult to paint over.  Is this done purposely?  Hmmmm…..makes you wonder!
3.  Water issues – I can be one broken pipe or ten – water will be dripping from something!
4.  Mold – and with water, you can count on mold.  You won’t have to look hard for this.  Your nose will take you right to it.
5.  Pet hair or other pet droppings.   If the previous owner liked pets, you can bet you will be living with them for a while too.

There are many more things that we find in foreclosed homes, sometimes, seeing is believing.  But don’t plan on going out on a date or appointment after viewing one.  You might want to hit the shower first!

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