3 Tips for on How to Bid Successfully on a Home with Cincinnati Top Agent

It’s currently like 35 degrees in the middle of May, but the real estate market here is getting crazy hot.  I thought I would share a quick little video on how to help buyers actually succeed in this crazy market.  At the moment it is a great great time to be a Seller, it is a very challenging time to be a Buyer.  So if you want to have success in this market, let me share with you three quick  tips on how you can actually succeed in finding a property and getting it for about the best price as you can for the moment.

Tip #1 – Get Everyone Looking:  Have plenty of eyes looking at the MLS and other Real Estate Search Sites.  Right now get everyone, yourself, your parents, your spouse, and make sure your Real Estate Agent are all looking at properties on a regular basis.  There is very very limited inventory.  Once a property does come on the market, it sells pretty quick.   So you want to make sure the moment something hits the market, you are there to snap it up.  Schedule an appointment, get out there and throw your hat in the ring.
Tip #2 – Tour Quickly:  Once you do find a property,  don’t waste a lot of time in scheduling the appointment.  Seller’s are prepared for showings the moment they actually list the home for sale, so if you see a property, stop what you are doing and go and see it right away.  Generally as we list properties, we will get our first showing within the first 15-20 minutes.  There is not a lot of down time from the time that it goes on the market to when people are walking through the door.
Tip #3 – Submit a Solid Offer:  If you do walk through a house and decide you like it, don’t screw around with the offer.  What’s happening right now, if the property is priced well and it is in a decent market they are going into multiple offers.  Multiple offers means that, now instead of negotiating with just the seller for the best price, you are instead competing with the other buyers.  So you are submitting your highest and best offer and other buyers and submitting their best and highest offer.  That is why properties tend to sell above the asking price.  So if there are not any other offers in, you are the first one to check out the home and you want to buy it and get the best deal possible, submit an offer that has very little margin or reason for the seller to come back with a counter.  If you wait too long to make an offer, or come in too low expecting to negotiate several days on end, more offers will come in and it will probably sell over asking price.  Paying list price would have been a better situation to have been in!
Hopefully these tips help.  If you are looking for a house and have any interest in viewing one, don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or any member of my team.  We would love to help you and make sure you find success in this challenging market!




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